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Character and weapon details Edit

Eidolon Edit

Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rarity Element Min Max Min Max Min Max
Adramelech AdramelechPortrait SSR FireSymbol 343 2058 93 558 436 2616

Kamihime Edit

Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rar. Elem. Type Min Max Min Max Min Max
Principality PrincipalityPortrait SR WindSymbol Balance 1044 5220 288 1440 1332 6660

Weapons Edit

HP ATK Total Power
Name Image Rar. Elem. Type Skill Min Max Min Max Min Max
Chutorary Rapier Chutorary RapierPortrait SR WindSymbol Sword Defender (+) 11 66 290 1740 301 1806
Fire Bow Corona Peacock Fire Bow Corona PeacockPortrait SSR FireSymbol Bow Rush (++) 17 102 385 2310 402 2412
Nail Prominence Nail ProminencePortrait SR FireSymbol Hammer Assault (+) 10 60 301 1806 311 1866
Scream Hellfire Scream HellfirePortrait SR FireSymbol Gun Defender (+) 12 72 297 1782 309 1854

Rewards Edit

AdramelechPortrait 5x Adramelech Fire Bow Corona PeacockPortrait 4x Fire Bow Corona Peacock Draconic Eye Shard 2x Draconic Eye Shards
Scream HellfirePortrait 3x Scream Hellfire Nail ProminencePortrait 3x Nail Prominence Chutorary RapierPortrait 3x Chutorary Rapier
Premium Gacha Ticket 22x Premium Gacha Tickets Raid Gacha Ticket 300x Raid Gacha Tickets Evolved Grimoire 5x Evolved Grimoire
Gems 50.000x Gems Magic Jewels 3.000x Magic Jewels Half Elixir 15x Half Elixirs
Arcane GrailPortrait 4x Arcane Grails Cherub BowPortrait 40x Cherub Bow FireSpiritPortrait 29x Fire Spirit
SoulPoints 100x Soul Points Energy Seed 27x Energy Seeds

Gallery Edit