"A great legendary sorceress with a ring that lets her subjugate demons.
She has knowledge of even the world's deepest inner workings.
SolomonClose Tier Legendary
Favourite Weapons Glaive
Type Offense
Master Bonus Soul ability dmg +6% Ability DMG
Release Conditions Gawain Lvl 20
Rosenkreuz Lvl 20
300 SP
Burst Icon Calamity Demon
Summons a demon to serve Solomon and carry out her plans with fierce attacks.
Absolute Monarchy Spearhead Arrow
Deals 4.5~5x DMG to an enemy with Solomon's current element Cooldown: 6 turns
Solomon Ring Solomon Ring Unlocks at Level 5
Deals Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Light, and Dark DMG to a random enemies Cooldown: 6 turns
Book of Raziel Book of Raziel Unlocks at Level 15
Ability up Ability DMG↑ (Stacking Frame +50%). Consumed upon using damaging ability. Cooldown: 3 turns
Assist Supreme Knowledge
Ability DMG↑ (+8%)
Assist Royal Chant
ATK↑ (D Frame +25%) when using Book of Raziel

Level Up BonusEdit

Level Bonus
1 Soul ability dmg +4% Ability DMG
5 Soul ability dmg +4% Ability DMG
10 Soul ability dmg +4% Ability DMG
15 Soul ability dmg +4% Ability DMG
20 Soul ability dmg +4% Ability DMG
Total Bonus Soul ability dmg +20% Ability DMG

Notes Edit

  • 24th July 2018 Rebalanced Update
    • Spearhead Arrow - DMG increased to 4.5~5x DMG (up from 1~4.5x)
    • Solomon Ring - DMG magnification increased to 1 and the DMG upper limit to 100.000 (up from 0.5 and 60.000)
    • Book of Raziel - Ability DMG↑ increased to 50% (up from 25%)

Gallery Edit