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Quests are the main gameplay of Kamihime Project, and are broadly classified into four main categories, accessible through various means. All Quests require AP to activate, give Rank Points, Experience Points and Gems, and may drop various items, depending on their type. Magic Jewels are awarded for the first time Quests are cleared, and never again after - unlike Gems, they are a non-renewable resource.

If connection drops for any reason while any Quest is active, the Quest will be saved in account memory and replayable upon reconnection. Even if the Quest is an Event Quest and the reason for disconnection is the maintenance that removes the Event, it will STILL be possible to reconnect to the Quest after the Event has already ended to finish the Event in progress, and rewards will still be given.




Chests are broadly split into 4 types: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Bronze chests may, in addition, contain a certain amount of Gems, a Healing item or a Stopwatch. The Healing items can be used from the Healing item interface at will and will be sold if unused by the end of the battle; the Stopwatch will reduce the cooldown of the Main Eidolon by 5 turns and is used immediately on drop.

Platinum chests are granted only from Event Quests and Raids; in the former they are an extremely rare drop that contains one of the rewards purchasable from the Event Shop; in the latter they are granted to MVPs as detailed in the Raids section below.

Main QuestsEdit

Main Quests

Main Quests interface

Main Quests progress the storyline of the game. Only characters that are obtained in the storyline and non-player characters will participate in the cutscenes (as there are so many accessory characters it would be impossible to account for all of them). Main Quests are split into chapters each containing 4 Quests. The completion of each Chapter awards 50 Magic Jewels, for an average of 12.5 Magic Jewels per Main Quest. Completing these are the only way to progress in the storyline and unlock Sub Quests, later worlds and characters.

The completion of the Boss chapter per world will unlock the Kamihime for that world. For a list of which characters appear in which World, see Locations.

In addition, the completion of certain Chapters in the Main Quest will also unlock certain pornographic Scenes. In the R18 client Kamihime Project R the pornographic content is both unlocked and played back immediately in the course of the Quest prior to the awarding of EXP, Rank Points and Drops, while in the Age-Restricted client Kamihime Project a dialog box offering the option to continue play in the Age-Restricted client or switch to the R18 client to view the pornographic Scene will be displayed (red button indicates swapping clients, other button skips Scene). Once unlocked these Scenes can be played back in the Harem system.

Event Skip

Event Skip active - All cutscenes will be skipped.

When a Chapter is the active Chapter it is only possible to play the episodes sequentially. When an entire Chapter is completed, any of the specific Episodes within the Chapter may be played back at will in order to gain drops, Rank Points and Experience Points. The Episode Selection dialog activated by clicking a past Chapter will also contain an Event Skip button on the top right corner of the display; selection of this button will skip all cutscenes, pornographic or otherwise. Playing back past Episodes will require the use of the same amount of AP as it did to play it initially, but will no longer provide Magic Jewels for completion.

Should the player wish to view non-pornographic cutscenes from past chapters without spending AP (or being involved in the respective battles), they can be accessed through the Library system.

Sub QuestsEdit

Sub Quests

Sub Quests interface

Unlike Main Quests, Sub Quests can be activated in any order. They are unlocked by Main Quests, at a rate of 2 Sub Quests per Main Quest Chapter. Completion of each Sub Quest awards 50 Magic Jewels. Similar to Main Quests, only characters that have been obtained through the Main Quest will appear in the cutscenes. The Sub Quests in a world are only accessible when in the world itself - changing worlds from the World Map interface is necessary to play back Sub Quests in different Worlds from the active one, unlike SP Quests.

Special (SP) QuestsEdit

SP Quests Button

SP Quests button on Quests Screen.

Special Quests do not have any Quest prerequisites. While certain Ranks are a prerequisite to start them, in general they require a significantly higher power level than is available to any normal player at their minimum unlock Ranks.

Special Quests award 50 Magic Jewels per Quest the first time they are completed. They can be broadly classified into two groups: Daily Quests and Event Quests.

Daily QuestsEdit

SP Quests

SP Quests for Monday: Thunder Element

Daily Quests are reset at 12 PM (UTC) / 5 AM (PST) every day. One Elemental set of Daily Quests are available per day in the following weekly rotation:

  • Monday - Thunder
  • Tuesday - Fire
  • Wednesday - Water
  • Thursday - Wind
  • Friday - Light
  • Saturday - Dark
  • Sunday - Gems/EXP
Sunday Expert SP Quest Result

Sunday Expert SP Quest Result

With the exception of Sunday, the other 6 days of the week award Limit Break Materials corresponding to their element. The non-elemental Limit Break Materials are dropped on all seven days, including Sunday. For Sunday specifically, a large amount of Gems will be dropped in the SP quests, as well as up to nearly 6000 EXP. (The picture shown is a stock photo of a Results screen for the Expert-level Sunday SP Quest.)

This is dependent on how many of the specific carbuncles show up; Pearls net 80 EXP, Diamonds net 100, Holies net 120, Emeralds net 160, Sapphires net 500, and Dark Carbuncles net 1000 EXP each.

Upgrade Material QuestsEdit

Upgrade Material quests were introduced April 24, 2016. They currently only appear on Sundays in the following time brackets:

  • 12-1 PM (PST) / 7-8 PM (UTC)
  • 7-8 PM (PST) / 2-3 AM (UTC)
  • 10-11 PM  (PST) / 5-6 AM (UTC)

Players wishing to do these quests may wish to save AP to use during these time brackets. These quests drop a large amount of Enhance-Material R's and SR's.

There are two types of Enhance Material Quests:

  • Banquet of the Angels
    • Awards Enhance-Materials for Weapons.
    • 3 waves of 3 Light or Dark element enemies will appear.
    • Fast elimination such that no more than 2 enemies ever gets to attack is advised.
  • Wild Dance of the Spirits and Beasts
    • Awards Enhance-Materials for Eidolons.
    • 3 waves of one enemy each, of any of the possible elements, will appear.
    • Defensive tactics and debuffing such that it never uses Burst on an unbuffed party is advised.

Event QuestsEdit

Event Quests

Event Quests of Advent Battle vs Vritra

Event Quests do not reset daily, but are permanent for the duration of the Event. Each Event lasts approximately seven days. Most Event Quests are based on a single element; however, some events will happen in pairs known as "Double Advent Battles", which allow players to fight in two separate events at the same time.

The materials awarded from Events will be usable in the Shop to exchange for rewards corresponding to the Event's element, and various miscellaneous rewards like Soul Points, Half-Elixirs, Premium Gacha Tickets and Enhancing materials.


Raid Activation

Quests screen with Raid quests. No raid is active at present.

Raids are unlocked by completing the Main Quests for World 1. Raids come in all six elements and two difficulty settings - Standard and Expert. Each raid may only be activated three times per day, resetting at 12 PM (GMT) / 5 AM (PDT). 50 Magic Jewels are awarded the first time the player successfully completes a raid he initiated.

  • Standard
    • Requires 20 AP to activate.
  • Expert
    • Requires 30 AP to activate
    • Drops Weapons and Eidolons up to SR rarity.
Raids Active

Active Raids on the Quests screen.

Active Raid Quest Button

Active Raids on the Main Menu.

Unlike normal Quests, Raids are cooperative content. Up to 30 players at once can be involved in a raid, and the above rewards apply to all players involved as long as they contribute in some small way. It is possible to invite players in the Friend and Union lists separately to the Raid in the Raid Invitation interface. To prevent flooding, there is a cooldown period between Friend invites (any Friends added after the invitation was first sent will not be able to join unless the invite is resent after the cooldown). The invite to Union members is permanent - anyone joining a Union will instantly gain access to all Raids in progress with an active Union invitation.

When invited to a Raid, the Quests symbol in the left sidebar will turn from its default blue colour to red, the Raid button in the right (hidden) sidebar will turn from its default brown colour to red, and Diabolos in the Quests screen will open her eyes. Look out for these signs when playing as in practice raids will occur less frequently than players have BP to spend.

Raid Joining

Raid Battle Interface

Joining another player's Raid invitation will require 3 BP for a Standard raid and 5 BP for an Expert raid. In the case of disconnection, unlike normal quests raids are not rejoined from the Quests home screen, but from the Raid interface. Should the Raid be concluded in the player's absence, the rewards and post-Battle report can be obtained from the second tab of the Raid interface.

Solo MVP

MVP Interface

In raids, the player who initiated the Raid, and the first two MVPs by order of battle contribution will receive a Platinum chest each in addition to the base rewards above. These Platinum chests may contain:

  • Standard
    • Weapons and Eidolons up to SR rarity.
    • Limitbreak materials up to the Level 40-50 tier.
  • Expert
    • Weapons and Eidolons up to SR rarity.
    • Limitbreak materials up to the Level 50-60 tier.

If the player who initiated the Raid is also one of the MVPs, it is possible to receive up to two Platinum chests. For this reason, players intending to farm the Platinum rewards can consider fighting the raid solo up to the 50-60% HP mark to guarantee MVP placing before sending an invitation to Friends and the Union.

There is currently no advantage to completing an entire raid solo to provide an incentive to players to involve other players in cooperative content.

Raids provide approximately half the Rank Points and Experience Points per AP spent relative to Main Quests, Sub Quests and Special Quests. They are a way to get high-rarity drops at the expense of experience, while SP quests represent the way to get Limitbreak materials at the expense of rare weapons or Eidolons. Joining another player's Raid is also currently the only way to spend Battle Points, so this should be done as often as BP allows.

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