"The queen of Connaught and Cu Chulainn's nemesis,
this dangerous Kamihime wields life-force draining roses."
MaeveClose Rarity SR
Type Balance
Element EarthSymbol Wind
Max Level 70
HP 232 - 1160
Attack 1296 - 6480
Total Power 1528 - 7640
Obtained from Premium Gacha
Magic Jewel Gacha
Release Weapon Bloody Roses
Burst Icon Queen Rose
Wind DMG (++)
(Limit Break ★★★☆) Powered Up
Outrage Plagued Wind
Deals Wind DMG to an enemy and applies 4000 DMG Putrefied Putrefied
(Lvl 45) Powered up
Cooldown: 7 turns
Duration: 180 sec
Skill reflect Pomp and Circumstances
Applies Defense Up Reflect to self (-40% DMG taken)
(Lvl 65) Powered up
Cooldown: 8 turns
Duration: 2 turns
Dmg heal Rose Drain Unlocks at Level 35
Deals Wind DMG to an enemy and heals self for 1000hp Cooldown: 9 turns
Assist Queen's Judgement
ATK↑ against Afflicted enemies

Gallery Edit

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