"A Kamihime who bears the evil eye.
It curses those she looks upon, so she keeps it hidden with a special patch."
BalorClose Rarity SR
Type Tricky
Element DarkSymbol Dark
Max Level 70
HP 200 - 1000
Attack 1120 - 5600
Total Power 1320 - 6600
Obtained from Raging Fury of the Inferno Dragon
Release Weapon Fomoir Crystal
Burst Icon Evil Smasher
Dark DMG (++)
(Limit Break ★★★☆) Powered Up
Debuff affliction res Evil Eye
Applies Affliction rst down Affliciton RST↓ to one enemy
(Lvl 45) Powered up
Cooldown: 7 turns
Duration: 180 sec
Skill dizzy Evil Wink
Applies 4500 DMG Poisoned Poison and Glamour Dizziness to an enemy
(Lvl 65) Powered up
Cooldown: 7 turns
Duration: 180 sec
Skill paralyse Evil Eye's Curse Unlocks at Level 35
Applies 4000 DMG Scorched Scorched, Darkness Blindness and Paralysis Paralysis to an enemy Cooldown: 7 turns
Duration: 15~180 sec
Assist The Evil Eye's Beholder
Affliction RST↑

Gallery Edit

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