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• 11/10/2017

eidolon effect

for characters like aqua kaiser dragoon that have the {healing ability recovery power up} ability, what does this actually do? it doesn't seem to give any additional hp when using healing magic or shorten the time, so I am confused.
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• 11/13/2017
Hey, sorry for the late response. I asked the other admin about Kaiser Dragoon effect and this was his response:

"I believe all it does is increase the potency of potions on those element hime. Next weekend (when I'm back from this business trip) I'll do some more testing and see about getting a more definitive answer. "
• 11/18/2017
ah, that makes sense, though it is like the most useless skill ever. but at least that is something since I thought it was like a game fluke that did absolutely nothing. thanks.
• 11/18/2017
I've done a bit of testing on this and it doesn't appear to increase the maxium limits of any healing (skills or pots).

From looking through the JP wiki they mention that it may increase the amount healed if it were normally below maximum. For example, when lower level you may only heal for 300 with Nike and the Kaiser would increase this value, however it would not be able to raise above the maximum that Nike can heal (750).

If this is the case then this would only really benefit players that have not yet levelled enough to hit the standard healing caps. This would need to be tested further to see if this is the case.
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